Michelin Cities Conference meeting in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Vitoria-Gasteiz is spreading SmartEnCity's words and facts

15 Apr 2019

During the last week of March 2019, SmartEnCity project has been represented in several forums in Vitoria Gasteiz Lighthouse City. Hosting the 2nd International Network of Michelin Cities Conference and a round table of European Project ANNEX 75, Vitoria-Gasteiz underlined its role as being a front runner in the field of smart and innovative city solutions.

The 2nd International Network of Michelin Cities Conference, held in March 2019; was an initiative that brought together cities where the French company has multinational factories. The event aimed at promoting  collaboration amongst cities that belong to the network through specific workshops on various subjects.

In this case, 200 people from 3 continents were present to exchange their experiences during the last days of March, to discover the efforts and benefits of being awarded as European Green Capital and to explore Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz thanks to thematic visits.

Among those thematic visits, Coronación SmartEnCity’s Demo District was chosen to be shown to over 50 Conference attendees as part of the efforts of Vitoria Gasteiz to maintain the spirit of the European Green Capital award.

In the same week, SmartEnCity was presented at a round table from ANNEX 75 European Project arranged by the Laboratory for the Quality Control of Buildings of the Basque Government where VISESA’s technicians shared some learned lessons from SmartEnCity with other European Projects in a workshop designated to share district renovation experiences and policy instruments for a future nZEB renovation at district scale.