SCIS Roadshow is coming to Tartu

Tartu is winning SCIS roadshow!

08 May 2019

Congratulations to our Lighthouse City Tartu, which applied for the SCIS roadshow competition in February 2019 along with many other Lighthouse Cities from all over Europe. In April, Tartu received the happy news that they are one of the three winners of the competition!

The SCIS roadshow is a special competition organised for EU funded smart cities. For the winners, a one-day roadshow will be organised, that will offer a platform to engage with local stakeholders and residents about the goals and activities of Tartu as a smart city, while at the same time introducing the Smart City Information System (SCIS). Additionally, a promotional poster campaign will be funded and organised throughout the city.

Tartu City suggested to have the roadshow in May 2020 when the annual Smart City for Citizens conference is taking place – the conference could be used as a springboard for promoting SCIS and Tartu as a smart SmartEnCity Lighthouse City. The exact details of the promotional campaign and roadshow are still being finalised. More information on the roadshow at