Tool to compare cost savings.

Tartu: Innovative tool for residents to compare cost savings

12 Jun 2019

Living in a smart home has many advantages. But next to a high quality and comfortable environment, the cost savings are the core benefit. Due to new insulation and energy efficient systems, the heating and electricity consumption is expected to drop dramatically.

In order to demonstrate this to Tartu pilot area residents in more visible way, the Tartu citizen engagement work group has developed an interactive “energy disc” that can be set and turned so that residents are able to compare their costs before and after the renovation works. The disc is available both online ( use arrow keys to navigate) and in paper format.

The disc “uses” a standard 50 m2 apartment for its calculations and focuses on three areas – heating, electricity and solar panel production – demonstrating how consumption is considered to change after the renovation. The bottom area of the disc "translates" these changes into actual cost savings and presents related facts, e.g. that in the summer, the electricity bill is in comparison four times lower.

The disc was produced already in 2018 and is handed out at every meeting with pilot area residents. This little tool has proved to be very useful to raise the awareness by demonstrating the benefits of renovation in a simple, interactive way.