SOBO retrofitting is completed.

LED outdoor lighting in Sonderborg.

Intelligent charger in use.

Launch of citizen engagement strategy.

Progress in the Lighthouse City Sonderborg

18 Jan 2017

SmartEnCity Lighthouse City Sonderborg has carried out a bundle of activities during the second six month period: As a first milestone, the city diagnosis about the current state was finalised in order to have a baseline for future comparisons at the end of the SmartEnCity project life. Getting practical: The residents of the 88 apartments of the housing association SOBO are celebrating the completion of the first round of retrofittings...

Since the end of September 2016, the residents are using electricity produced by the new roof top integrated solar panels. In addition, low energy window panels have been mounted and the automatic heating control system was installed and in use before the end of summer. And just before Christmas, the outdoor lighting has been switched to LED light

In terms of smart mobility and electric vehicles, Sonderborg is playing a pioneering role: The implementation of intelligent chargers made Sonderborg an international forerunner. The chargers are intelligent because they use the national forecasts of when there is the largest amount of renewable energy in the grid during the next 24h and charge accordingly. The first four of these chargers are currently powering four electric vehicles. And more are due to come during the course of the project….

... and Sonderborg is focussing on citizens: A citizen engagement strategy has been launched on 12. January 2017 with a kick-off event including workshop, presentations and an energy-game. The strategy is about active participation: the citizens are entering their consumption data into a website which allow to follow their water, heat and electricity consumption precisely. Thus they are able to see how small changes in their homes affect their consumption patterns. It is a citizen focused strategy so the citizens themselves create an action plan for their individual households and set their own goals for reduction of the utilities. Now, all families participating in the corresponding programme are identified and are ready for the upcoming activities. 

 What´s coming next?

  • The second round of retrofitting is coming up, the tenders are closed, the contracts are signed for the next measures starting in early 2017.

  • Also, a feasibility study of a large scale heat pump in the Sonderborg district is nearly complete and will allow the stakeholders to make decisions early in 2017.
  • After the first four intelligent chargers for electrical vehicles have been installed, many more are to come including two publicly available ones.
  • The first early edition of the energy management system is expected in January; and
  • The biogas busses will be getting ready to start operations in June 2017, the biogas fuelling station is currently under construction.