Tartu's Energy Plan 2030+ is on its way

Tartu’s Energy Plan 2030+ is taking shape

17 Jun 2019

The first draft of the Tartu Energy 2030+ Plan (Tartu SECAP) is ready. On June 12, Tartu Regional Energy Agency and Tartu City presented the first strategy draft of the new Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan of Tartu named Tartu Energy 2030+.

At the event, all work group leaders (from the six areas: governance, data, energy, transport, climate, buildings) presented their work so far and outlined the key points of their contribution to the strategy. These key points were then presented to the participants to vote on, thus indentifying the most likely trends that should be considered in the strategy. After this, work continued in work groups.

The strategy draft of Tartu Energy 2030+ marks the halfway milestone of the Tartu action plan. The action plan itself, which has the overarching goal of cutting down CO2 emissions in Tartu City by 40% by 2030, will be revealed in September at another public event. An important part of the compiling of the action plan is seeking support from the organisations and citizens of Tartu by signing voluntary agreements. These agreements will outline the organisation’s or (in case of citizens) housing association’s precise contributions to reducing CO2 by 40% by 2030. Currently, these agreements are still being drafted and tested with selected organisations.

In the meantime, local experts and other interested stakeholders are welcome to join the work groups and contribute to the development of Tartu Energy 2030+. More information: https://www.tartu.ee/et/tartu-energia-2030