Retrofitting Phase 1 completed in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Second phase of retrofitting works starting in Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz

28 Jun 2019

After the completion of the retrofitting works of the second building in January, the cityscape of Vitoria-Gasteiz’ demo district again is marked by scaffolds, initiating the second phase of retrofitting works.

During this summer, a total of nine buildings (98 dwellings) form the second phase of the retrofitting process and will receive new envelopes and roofs with enhanced thermal characteristics that will improve the thermal performance and ensure a better comfort level for the tenants.

The tender on the retrofitting works for these nine buildings was published and awarded in five batches, grouping together several works on different buildings with the condition of not reaching 500.000 € per batch. The aim of tendering the works in that way was to get an attractive proposal for all types of construction companies, to enhance the competition and therefore to get a wider range of proposals. As a result of this, many offers were received and finally the best balance between cost and technical solutions was achieved to fulfill the high expectations of the neighbours.

Now it’s time to translate these technical proposals into real solutions for the demo district. Neighbours are looking forward to see the results!