New wall painting in Tartu: Three Maidens

“Three Maidens” have moved into the pilot area of Lighthouse City Tartu

10 Jul 2019

In the end of June, the Tartu pilot area received its fourth artwork on the Tiigi 21 building, entitled “Three Maidens”. According to the author of the artwork, local Estonian artist Huupi, the artwork was inspired by a mural created in 1970 by the legendary Estonian artist Elmar Kits. “It took me a while to find the right artist and painting,” Huupi said. “I went through a lot of sketches before I found “Three Maidens” by Elmar Kits. It inspired me immediately and I could see how I can use my own creative style in recreating it.”

Huupi or Evelin Zolotko, a Tartu-based artist, is also one of the art curators in the SmartEnCity project who has curated the creation of two artworks in the project. The opportunity to not only create an artwork herself but to also paint it, is very rare. “It felt good to do it myself,” she said. Evelin’s various artworks can be regularly seen at art shows in Estonia.

The residents are also happy with their new façade. “All the residents immediately took to the work,” Anu Kalle, a former Tiigi 21 board member commented. “The artwork is beautiful and colorful, we are very happy it can bring joy to our area.”

According to the art coordinator of the project, Andra Somelar, many more artworks will be completed this summer as the buildings are nearing the end of their renovations. “All housing associations have chosen their artists and sketches,” she added. Two artists from abroad will also be traveling to Tartu to paint their own artworks.

Every housing association that has joined the SmartEnCity project in Tartu will receive an artwork on the façade of their house or in its immediate surroundings. All in all, 17 houses will be renovated in Tartu.