New Biogas buses in Tartu. Photo by Tartu City.

Tartu welcomes its new biogas buses and route network

10 Jul 2019

On July 1, the new public transport route network along with a fleet of new environmentally friendly biogas buses was launched in Tartu. The new route network reduced the number of bus lines down to 13 and added two night buses. The route network will be serviced by 64 brand new gas buses that have A/C, low floors for better access and new validators. These allow passengers to purchase tickets with their contactless bank cards as well.

Urmas Klaas, the Mayor of Tartu, said that this is a new dawn in the public transportation system of Tartu. “This year, we made three important things happen: we developed a new bus route network, purchased new environmentally friendly buses and launched the bike sharing system. As a result, our city air will become cleaner and the citizens of Tartu will start using their cars less,” he added.

The new bus route network was developed in a participative manner by involving everyone in the route planning discussions and offering citizens a chance to leave feedback via an interactive map tool that allowed to compare the old routes to the new ones. During the feedback period, thousands of comments, emails and calls were received and logged. “We received a lot of valuable feedback from our citizens,” said Raimond Tamm, the Deputy Mayor of Tartu. “We tried to take into account as much feedback as possible but of course there had to be compromises. We will continue to analyze the new route network and if necessary, more changes will be made,” he assured.

The new buses were also introduced at the Tartu City Day on 29 June. See more photos of the event at: