New piece of art "The Tree" in Tartu

Fifth artwork titled “The Tree” completed in Lighthouse City Tartu

08 Aug 2019

The fifth public artwork in the SEC project, titled “The Tree”, has been completed in the Tartu pilot area. The author of the design is a well-known Latvian painter Andris Vitolinš.

According to the artist, “The Tree” is inspired by the quest for happiness. According to him, people often think that they need to travel to distant lands to find happiness but much like trees that grow all around us, happiness may be just around the corner. “The main idea is that happiness is here, in our region, not in far-way lands,” Vitolinš says.

Andra Orn, the art curator of the Turu 9 housing association said that involving art in this type of a project is very innovative as people have increasingly higher expectations for their urban space. “Public space does not only have to offer parks and bike lanes, but it needs to be playful and unique. Art makes people question, inspires them and helps highlight culture,” she said. She also admits that it has been a difficult yet rewarding challenge to find artworks that have high artistic value and also meet the expectations of residents, city representatives and the public.

Andra Somelar, the SmartEnCity art coordinator confirmed that choosing artworks is oftentimes difficult for the housing associations and it took Turu 9 months to choose between two very different designs. In the end, the nature motif was chosen and according to the residents, it was well worth the effort, as the result is beautiful and leaves a positive first impression.

Every SmartEnCity pilot house in Tartu will receive an artwork either on its façade or immediate surroundings. All in all, 17 buildings will be renovated in Tartu.