Foresight Workshop in Follower City Lecce

SmartEnCity Follower City Lecce is working on the Future Energy Strategy

05 Sep 2019

The SmartEnCity partner RINA and Lecce Municipality organized a Foresight Workshop on the Future Energy Strategies of the Municipality, involving more than 40 stakeholders coming from public institutions, university, public and private companies and associations.

Through the Foresight Methodology, developed during the Project, where Lecce is one of the two Follower Cities, together with RINA Consulting S.p.A., the participants discussed the future energy scenarios, assessing the possible trends and providing project ideas for the future of Lecce in the next 10 years.

The main goal of Lecce activities inside the SmartEnCity project is to implement the Integrated Energy Plan (IEP), which defines the energetic strategies of the city across the different areas (Energy, Infrastructures, Mobility, ICT, Governance), using methodologies, experiences and documents of the Lighthouse cities, with the respect of local conditions. The final output will be the IEP of Lecce Municipality (targeting a CO2 reduction of at least 40% within the 2030, compared to 2007) together with the selection and the deep description of the most promising actions (through replication roadmaps).

RINA and Lecce Municipality prepared a web survey, in order to identify the most relevant but uncertain trends, that have been used for driving the scenario workshop and that will be consequently evaluated for the prioritisation of the Lecce IEP’s actions. As a result, the main city needs and four scenarios were identified.

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