From Carbon Calculators to Energy system Analysis in Cities

09 Sep 2019

David Drysdale from Aalborg University, Denmark published a new article in the scientific journal "Energies". The article “From Carbon Calculators to Energy System Analysis in Cities” is aiming at providing a methodology that European cities can use to carry out scenarios for highly renewable energy systems with low carbon emissions.

Today, most cities carry out Sustainable Energy Action Plans for the Covenant of Mayors and these often use carbon emission inventories before deciding on low carbon solutions. However, some key questions are often left open, i.e. What does a zero-carbon city look like? In which technologies should be invest? How to combine these technologies with others in the future? And does the local energy system fit into the country’s energy system?

The methodology described in this article can help answer these questions. Developing an energy system for the future can be time-consuming and labour intensive for a city government .  Therefore, the methodology tries to simplify this process.

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