Tartu won two "Energy Action of the Year" awards.

Lighthouse City Tartu received another two awards for "Energy Actions of the Year"

10 Oct 2019

This year, the City of Tartu won two Energy Action of the Year awards. The awards were presented to Tartu for the implementation of gas buses and the launch of the first Baltic Smart Bike Share.

Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm received the prices at the awards gala, held at the Energy Fair in Rakvere. According to him, the City of Tartu vigorously contributed to promoting environmentally friendly types of movement. ‘Of course we are pleased when our efforts are noticed and recognised. The main goal of Tartu Smart Bike Share and the fleet of gas buses is to offer an efficient alternative to using a car, thereby reducing air pollution and the noise level in the city environment as well as the emission of carbon dioxide responsible for global warming,' stated Tamm.

This year, three of the 14 Energy Action of the Year awards came to Tartu. In addition to the two awards presented to the City of Tartu, Estiko-Plastar AS was also recognised as an enterprise with an exemplary green method of thinking, whose production complex includes a solar power station with a total capacity of 862 kW.