Vitoria-Gasteiz, Eulogio Serdán 8, retrofitted building Source: VISESA

Lightouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz: The District Heating for Coronation neighbourhood has been finally awarded.

16 Feb 2020

In a second attempt, public spaces were redesigned to locate the generation plant and heat distribution network reducing implementation costs and making the public tender more attractive to potential bidders.

On February 7th, the Municipal Government of Vitoria-Gasteiz awarded the public tender for the implementation of the biomass district heating network in Coronation neighbourhood; a remarkable milestone towards the successful completion of SmartEnCity project deployment in the demo district.

 A year ago, the City Council approved a specific structural modification of the General Urban Development Plan of Vitoria-Gasteiz to enable the implementation of active solutions, such as district heating systems, which, compared to conventional individual or centralised building systems, are more efficient in the use of water, energy consumption and have a lower atmospheric impact, enabling greater savings in greenhouse gas emissions. In this regard, last year, the City Council tendered the Coronation district heating, a fundamental part of SmartEnCity project.

 However, the first attempt to implement the neighbourhood through a public tender was declared void. To overcome this, both public spaces to locate the generation plant and distributing network were redesigned, reducing, thus, the implementation costs and making the project more feasible for potential bidders who intend to operate the network. 

Finally, after receiving one single offer and successfully going through the technical evaluation, the Governing Board of the City approved awarding GIROA S.A.U. with the concession for “private use of the public domain” for the operation of the renewable thermal energy distribution system in the Coronation neighbourhood.

Now, after having reached this important milestone, Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz can proceed and make its ambitious plans a reality.