SmartEnCity Project Coordinator Francisco Rodriguez Perez-Curiel at Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum in Brussels. Credits@Joana Andrade

SmartEnCity Project represented at Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum

12 Mar 2020

“Smart Cities – What’s Next?” was the title of the EIP-SCC marketplace session on 18 February 2020 in Brussels. SmartEnCity was represented by project coordinator Francisco Rodriguez Perez-Curiel during a panel discussion which was focusing on opportunities for implementation, replication and scaling up for Smart City solutions from different perspectives.

The conference was opened by Georg Houben, (EC, DG Energy, Smart Cities & Communities) who was emphasizing on the fact that the EIP-SCC Marketplace is important to help accelerate the implementation and replication of Smart City solutions by bringing them close to finance.

SmartEnCity coordinator Francisco Rodriguez Perez-Curiel stated that the following conditions should be created to enable implementation and replication: Cities do not only have to build the organizational structure to deal with innovation and complex environments but there is also a need to understand the demand for new technologies and how this demand is created by the aspect of convenience. In addition, the jump from demonstration to replication means that the experience needs to be translated to the right language when getting in closer contact with other parts of the government. Therefore, capacity building in governance issues is a must. 

A lively open discussion followed on how to pave the way for Smart City projects to finance.

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