E.ON EV-charger in Sonderborg. Credits@jSonderborg

The charging of Sonderborg's electric vehicles is secured

02 Apr 2020

All 30 E.ON EV charging points are now in operation. They are mainly stand-alone chargers, with two charging outlets each, with 22 kW charging capacity. This means that when only one EV is plugged into the charger, it will be charged faster than two EVs being plugged in simultaneously. One car, if it possessed the capability, will be charged with 22 kW, and two cars plugged in at the same time, will charge with 11 kW each.

The chargers will provide important energy-infrastructure for current EV´s in Sonderborg and for visitors, and help Sonderborg overcome infrastructural challenges, because the sale of new EVs is expected to grow rapidly in near future.

Because of the high power consumption, it is important to locate the chargers near a power outlet, that can supply the charger with enough electricity. For this reason, the chargers are located near buildings or power sources to reduce the distance from source to outlet, and thus the cost of installation.

For the chargers located in public parking spaces, an extra fee had to be paid to the DSO to be able to charge at 22 kW. But it was assessed that the added value from a faster charging was outweighing the additional costs by far.

Picture: Installed public chargers and metering units in Sonderborg. Credits@Sonderborg

Location of the E.ON EV-chargers: The E.ON chargers have been placed at locations where large numbers of vehicles either pass by or stop for extended periods of time. All of the E.ON chargers are publicly available, which increases the accessibility for all EVs to charge in the public sphere. Multiple locations were identified, all were approached, some rejected due to concerns of less parking spaces for regular cars or indecision among multiple stakeholders.

To visualise the EV charging infrastructure, the chargers and their locations have also been integrated on the Sonderborg’s City Information Open Platform (CIOP), where the CIOP map is showing the locations and how many chargers are free and availabe to be used.

Picture: Map of Sonderborg showing the location of the new EV-chargers. Credits@Sonderborg

The installed EV-chargers are important for scaling up the national Danish government ambitions for 1 mio electrical cars before 2030. This has also inspired Sonderborg municipality to initiate a coordinated planning process focused on creating a more robust plan for the future EV-charging infrastructure in Sonderborg, which potentially will be implemented in close cooperation with the national SECN-DK: Energibyerne.dk.