Citizens of Tartu love the new bike sharing system

Lighthouse City Tartu expands its bike sharing system

26 May 2020

Tartu’s new bike sharing system is that popular, that the Lighthouse City has now decided to expand this service to the nearby regions as well.

According Mr Raimond Tamm, Deputy Mayor of Tartu and local Project Manager of SmartEnCity, the bike sharing system has been that successful because the rental points are easily accessible because they are located all over the town. “By constructing new rental points, the sharing system network is becoming denser, which encourages even more people to use the bikes. Another important step is expanding the network outside the city borders, and therefore to offer an alternative to cars and to minimise the negative effects of car use,” comments Mr Tamm.

Within the city, 10 new rental points will be constructed this year.  Outside the city borders, the rural municipality of Tartu has decided to join the bike sharing system and two new rental points will be constructed in the residential areas closest to the city. The border parishes of Luunja and Kambja also plan to join the sharing system in the near future.

The technology and additional bikes for expansion will be provided by Bewegen Inc, a Canadian company responsible for the Tartu bike sharing system and by the City Transport Department of the City Government. But due to the current health crisis, the procurement has been postponed and the new rental points will be installed in fall.

The Tartu Smart Bike System immediately won the hearts of Tartu's residents. In a public voting competition organised by the City Government and the local daily newspaper Tartu Postimees, residents awarded the title “Best Deed of 2019” to the new bike sharing system.

The bike sharing system was funded by the SmartEnCity project, Tartu City Government and the European Regional Development Fund.

Picture source: City of Tartu