Virtual smart home system training in Tartu.

First virtual smart home training in Lighthouse City Tartu

04 Jun 2020

Tartu’s first virtual smart home training exceeded all expectations. The current health crisis has forced the Tartu team of the SmartEnCity project to adapt new demands and conditions in order to reach as much as possible residents. As a result, on the evening of May 27th, the first virtual smart home training took place.

After several physical training meetings before, the last week marked the beginning of a new series of virtual trainings that will be continued after some further major software updates that will upgrade the functionalities of the smart home system. The training was hosted and led by EnLife, the company developing and supplying the smart home system and a member of the Tartu project team.

The training mainly focused on the latest set of software updates to the smart home system. Now, every resident can not only view the indoor climate conditions of each room of their apartment, but also their monthly consumption rates of cold and hot water, electricity and gas plus a comparison to last month’s consumption. It is expected that these new features will raise the awareness of residents and help to reduce the overall consumption.

Other new features include displaying the performance of the house’s solar panels and an energy saving regime which can be programmed and activated individually by each apartment owner (e.g. to reduce heating when no one is at home). 

All in all, the training brought together more than 50 residents, many of them who could not attend the physical meetings before, took the opportunity to participate online. The interactive chat proved to be very useful as well: it allowed participants to ask questions and receive answers on any topic without disrupting the speakers and supported the discussion amongst the participants.  

New training sessions will be organised as soon as new software updates are released.

Display of Tartu's new smart home system. Picture source @ City of Tartu