Co-creation process in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Vitoria Gasteiz’s demo area citizens engaged in a mural painting co-creation process.

08 Jun 2020

During the last months, VISESA in collaboration with the inhabitants of the first retrofitted building, has gone through a co-creation process to achieve a shared draft for the forthcoming mural painting at Eulogio Serdán 4 early adopter’s building.

The aim is to create a multicultural and integrative wall painting that shall gather all the different sensitivities of involved parts. For that, Veronica Werckmeister, a local artist was chosen in a joint selective process. Also, the I·DArte Design School is part of the process and partner in this artistic adventure.

The starting point was to depict the neighbourhood’s history in a mural painting and to reflect the spirit of collaboration and the hope for a better future through today’s actions in connection with SmartEnCity project. At the same time, the building’s frontage should be decorated and protected from vandalism.

The design process does not only look for an aesthetic result but should also include a comprehensive view of the area whilst taking into account the pre-existing colours, forms and perspectives  of  the district, creating an art work with universal and local references with a non-immediate translation, with the need of a calm interpretation, which could last over time not only conceptually but physically.

The co-creation process has brought together the thoughts of neighbours, artists, technicians and students. The starting concept has been an old mill that used to exist in this area, so all the participating actors were committed to put their creative focus “over the same axis”, like in a mill wheel, intending to embody technology as a central element in the mural design. The mill works as a symbol for progress through science and improvement in our society. The mill wheel, its mechanisms and gears, is telling about knowledge as a force to advance in history. Knowing and valuing our past is the straightest way to preserve and enrich our culture. The final aim of this co-creation process is to create an image that engages the district with science universality, technology and nature, with a wink towards magic, spirituality and the future to come.

From a practical point of view, the artist was selected during the last months of 2019 whilst I·DArte Design School joined the process in January 2020. Once the co-creation group was formed, specific master classes were carried out in the Design School, so the artist could explain the objective of the process and involve selected students. With a well-defined road-map, several collaborative workshops were organised in the studio of the artist, together with design students and inhabitants of the retrofitted building during February and March. Finally, during COVID’s health crises, the co-creation process has been finalised via a collaborative on-line platform. The final design will be presented in July 2020 and finally painted on early adopter’s building. We keep you updated!