Tartu's latest mural by Markus Kasemaa. Credits@Silver Siilak.

New wall painting in Lighthouse City Tartu

28 Jul 2020

Tartu's latest mural is the result of the joint efforts of a father and his son. Mid-July, the 13th wall painting of SmartEnCity project was completed. It is titled “Blowers” and is located on the end wall of the Tiigi Street 3 apartment building, next to the University of Tartu Library. The author and painter of the mural is Markus Kasemaa, a local artist.

The inspiration for this artwork came from the artist’s father, Andrus Kasemaa, who created a painting series “Blowers”. The elements of the new artwork were copied from the father's series and cut, pasted, then stylised and colored. Since both artists’ styles are very similar and Markus’ art has featured similar “blowers”, and "The idea for it occurred naturally and seemed exciting", said the artist. According to him, he wanted the new artwork to seem fantastical and mysterious and to leave the viewer guessing. “Explaining it too much would ruin it”, he remarks.

The artwork was painted on the wall by the artist himself. The art curator of the housing association, Evelin Zolotko, commented, “It’s Markus’ distinctive style which makes this piece special, in addition to the father and son collaboration.”

All in all, 13 murals have been completed in the project so far, with four artworks still pending. Among these four, there will also be the first sculpture of the project, which will be ready by the end of August 2020.

Tartu's latest mural by Markus Kasemaa. Credits@Silver Siilak

Markus Kasemaa’s artist page can be seen here: http://kasemaa.ee/markus/wp1/home/