Vitoria-Gasteiz wall mural 2

Vitoria-Gasteiz unveiled new wall painting

17 Aug 2020

The house façade of Eulogio Serdán Street appears in a new look because the wall painting has finally been completed. It took a long time, but it was worth it. With the involvement of neighbours, artists, technicians and students, the idea was put into practice.

The works on the wall painting on Eulogio Serdán Street building’s façade have been recently finished. The mural is the final result of the co-creation process started some months ago, where neighbours, artists, technicians and students have been involved.

The idea of making the mural came from the residents of Eulogio Serdán 4, when they approved their participation in SmartEnCity and, during the first meetings, raised the problems they have with graffiti and vandalism on the wall. As a solution, they proposed the creation of a mural that would avoid unwanted graffitis and, given its location in front of the Aldabe Civic Centre, may serve as a "noteworthy entrance" to the neighbourhood.

This building’s community always wanted a mural linked to the neighbourhood, a mural that would belong to Coronation district and that could not be in any other places. This was the first of the premises which the co-creation group worked out.

A mill, a rope, a group and a hug - these are the elements of the new wall painting.

As the neighbourhood is also known as Errota Zaharra (Old Mill, in Basque), one of the main elements to be reflected was the reference to a former mill that used to be located in Coronation, one of the four that existed in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz in that time. Additionally, this area was also known as the district of the craftsmen dedicated to manufacture ropes; so, as the mural definition was progressing, this kind of concepts were incorporated looking for a close correlation between the mural draft and the place selected to be painted on.

On the other hand, the aim was to link the mural with SmartEnCity innovation project, reflecting the change that is taking place in the neighbourhood, hence the title of the mural "Errota Zaharra - Errota Berria (Old Mill – New Mill, in Basque)", and with the ambition of the current residents of leaving a better neighbourhood for future generations. This concept is expressed in the mural through a diverse group of young people. And finally, the joint work carried on by the community of owners and Visesa is reflected in the hug of that group.

The residents of Eulogio Serdán 4 and the muralist Verónica Werckmeister worked together with students from the School of Art and Design of the Basque Country (ID·Arte) on this project, carried out by Visesa. Errota Zaharra Neighbourhood Association and, of course, the Town Hall were also taken into account.

Regarding the techniques, silicate paints have been used because of their higher durability and lower maintenance costs. In this specific case special silicate paints for ETICS were used.

New wall painting in Eulogio Serdán Street of Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz.

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