"The Faun" by Mall Nukke. Picture@Silver Siilak

SmartEncity demo district of Tartu received its 14th mural

21 Sep 2020

This week, the 14th mural of the SmartEnCity project was completed in Tartu. The artist of the mural is Mall Nukke, a highly acclaimed local modern artist, whose numerous works can be found in art museums and galleries in Estonia and abroad. The newly finished painting, titled “The Faun”, is inspired by her own 1992 drawing “The Broodings of Faun”, which has been reinterpreted and recolored.

According to the artist, fauns are mythological creatures, independent and mysterious, whose elusive character can be compared to the spirit of Tartu. “This painting is a philosophical work, where a mortal creature has become eternal. Her thoughts are selfishly secretive, unknown to others,” Mall Nukke explains.

 Eva, resident of the Aleksandri 12 apartment building, finds the mural attractive and special, “When it was finished, I looked at it for a long time and thought to myself – what a shame that the end wall has windows!”

 The mural was curated by Andra Orn, the founder of the modern art environment NOAR.eu, and painted by Tartu artist Edgar Tedresaar and the artist group Piiritus.

New mural “The Faun” by Mall Nukke. Picture@Silver Siilak