Activities of the Danish national SmartEnCity Network

30 Jun 2020

How is the Danish national SmartEnCity Network proceeding? How are the activities affected by the pandemic situation?

The Energibyerne is an extremely active network of cities that meets every 3-4 months in order to discuss various topics related to city energy planning activities including the Integrated Energy Plans of the cities.

In about half year from now the network met record-high 4 times:

- 9th national based SmartEnCity Network in Middelfart, November 2019

- 10th national based SmartEnCity Network in Frederikshavn, December 2019

- 11th national based SmartEnCity Network in Horsens, January 2020

- 12th Online national based SmartEnCity Network, May 2020

Here is a summary of the outcomes from the meetings:

- The Energibyerne have established their own website, which you can access here:

- The participation to the People’s Political Festival scheduled June 2020 has been cancelled due to Covid-19.

- The Energibyerne plan a study visit to the Danish Regional EU offices in Brussels in the fall 2020 with the aim of finding more opportunities to collaborate with each other

- The Energibyerne are starting even a stronger collaboration by establishing three main focus areas of collaboration:

  • Stronger smart building concepts with a focus on energy renovation of the building stocks using nZEB standards;
  • Action plans for strengthened electrification of the future green transport with special focus on the need for the charging infrastructure in both the public space, housing associations, companies, the municipality's own buildings;
  • Replication of the Skive’s GreenLab concept which is an industrial green business park, a national research facility, and a technology enabler.

- Elaboration and replication of strategic energy plans is always in the core of the discussions and work within the Energibyerne meetings

Although some of the activities planned for 2020 have been cancelled or rescheduled due to Covid-19, the Energibyerne network of cities continues their strong collaboration and is constantly working on the smart city concepts in each city.

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