Launch of citizen engagement strategy on 12th January 2017

Lighthouse City Sonderborg launches citizen engagement strategy

13 Jan 2017

Sonderborg is putting the citizen engagement strategy into practice: together with the families participating in this programme, it started yesterday with a day packed with information and action.

30 families representing the 3 housing associations, showed up for the launch of the citizen engagement activities where a lot of educational discussions took place plus an in depth description of the goals and objectives of the project.

Also,  the launch of a data logging website was celebrated, where each family can read their water, heating and electricity meters by submitting personal data onto the website. The system is tracking the given information and on this basis it is able to indicatd trends and to carry out comparisons. 

More workshops will follow, one per month is planned for the next 4 months each time focusing on a new theme such as electricity, water, energy etc.