New sculpture “Polished diamond” unveiled in Tartu. Picture: Silver Siilak.

First sculpture was installed in Tartu’s smart district

15 Oct 2020

At the end of September, Tartu unveiled the first sculpture in framework of SmartEnCity project in front of Tiigi 19 apartment building. The sculpture is called “Polished diamond” and the author is the Estonian sculptor and installation artist Art Allmägi.

Art Allmägi is a member of Tartu Artists’ Union and has a master’s degree from the Estonian Academy of Arts in sculpture and installation. As a sculptor, Allmägi is known for his provoking and bold sculptures and installations, in which he combines classical techniques with modern and complex approaches.

According to the artist, the sculpture created for SmartEnCity is inspired by the project’s goal of turning the former Khrushchev era buildings hrustsovkas into smartovkas. “By using skills and knowledge, a naturally occurring diamond is turned into a gem – through polishing, a brilliant is created,” the artist says, comparing creating a sculpture to becoming a smartovka. “Raising the potential of old houses is one of the goals of SmartEnCity as well.”

“Polished diamond” is made of granite and represents the standard cut of a brilliant that is placed on a geometric construction. Evelin Zolotko, the art curator of Tiigi 19, is very happy that there is finally a sculpture among the murals. “Art made a massive effort and did great work,” commended the curator.