15th mural artwork in Tartu called “Time I”. Picture@Silver Siilak

The work of a grandmaster adorns the Tartu mural gallery

19 Oct 2020

In September, the 15th SmartEnCity artwork in Tartu was created on the end wall of Kalevi 8 apartment building. The author of the artwork “Time I” is Vello Vinn, one of the most renowned and legendary printmakers and artists in Estonia.

Vinn became interested in etching and drypoint in the 1970s and went on to become an influential artist in the field. His bold, detailed and symbol-heavy works are well known and have become part of many notable public and private collections.

According to the artist, the artwork consists of different symbols, some of which are universal and some which are left for the observer to interpret. “The clock has wings because time flies by so fast – at least it does for me!” the artist explains the meaning behind the winged clock that is the crowning piece of the mural. At the same time, the other elements of the painting such as the rows of wagons or helmet-shaped sand dunes are left for the observer to decipher.

According to the art curator of Kalevi 8, Andra Orn, Vello Vinn is one of the best known avantgarde artists of the 1970s. “Our goal was to bring the works of grandmasters to a wider audience. Vinn is one of those artists, his symbol-heave graphical works have strongly influenced an entire generation.”

The author of the re-interpretation and realisation of “Time I” is local artist Edgar Tedresaar and the artist grouping Piiritus.