Meeting of Tartu's pilot area housing association representatives.

Tartu pilot area housing association representatives discussed the new smart home system

20 Oct 2020

On October 15, representatives of Tartu pilot area housing associations gathered for a both physical and virtual meeting to discuss the new developments regarding the smart home system. Due to the pandemic situation, the meeting was organised both physically and virtually, i.e. a live stream of the event was made available for anyone who did not feel comfortable attending in person.

As the smart home system is one of the last implementations to be completed in the newly renovated smartovkas and the delays in development have caused concerns and  a meeting was called to discuss these topics. The meeting was led by Mr Tõnis Eelma, the project’s smart home expert and housing association chairman, and Mr Raivo Raestik, the CEO of EnLife, the company responsible for developing and installing the smart home system in Tartu.


All in all, ca 20 participants attended physically and a few virtually. The discussion centered on three important topics:

·       Remote reading of water meters

·       Thermostat connectivity with the smart home system

·       Apartment building door lock with a video intercom system


The latter is an extra development taken on by EnLife at the request of some housing associations. Due to an unexpected change in software protocols, the development has taken longer than planned, which has caused concerns for the residents involved. However, once the service is ready, the residents will be able to not only remotely open the building door to their visitors, but also who is standing in front of the door due to a video feed.

  All in all, the meeting was very productive, and the participants had a chance to ask questions and address any specific concerns that they have