City Mayor, Regional Housing Minister and Deputy Housing Minister visiting demo district Coronación. Credit: Visesa

Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz announces VIP-visit in demo district Coronación

28 Oct 2020

Yesterday, Basque Government’s Housing Minister, Iñaki Arriola and Vitoria-Gasteiz’s Mayor, Gorka Urtaran, visited accompanied by Visesa’s General Manager, Carlos Quindós, the retrofitting works that Visesa is carrying out in 26 buildings (302 dwellings) in Coronación demo district. The visit was also attended by the Deputy Mayor, Ana Oregi and the Deputy Housing Minister Pedro Jauregui.

Coronación district is, through SmartEnCity European Project and the collaboration of the Basque Government and the City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz, currently in the middle of an ambitious regeneration process of the urban space, which includes the renovation of streets and squares, sustainable mobility actions, the implementation of a 100% renewable district heating network and the energy rehabilitation and modernisation of 302 dwellings in order to make them more energy efficient and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants

The change in the neighbourhood can be noticed:  12 new façades are already retrofitted, which extend along 6 streets, while another 10 buildings are currently under construction and the works on the remaining 4 will begin soon.  The works carried out is corresponding mainly with the thermal insulation of the façades and roofs, the installation of double glazed windows and the interior connection to the District Heating network.

Minister Arriola has undelined the value of Visesa’s work "First, because it is going to significantly improve the quality of life of the neighbours, who are going to consume less energy and are going to gain in comfort. And secondly, because the participating buildings are going to be totally updated and renewed with their consequent revaluation and, by extension, the revaluation of the whole district".

Coronación is one of the demo districts in the Basque Country where action is being taken in close collaboration with the City Council, and an example of integrated urban regeneration intervention for the rest of the municipalities. In this sense, the Minister of Housing has indicated that urban regeneration is one of the main lines of action of Basque Government’s Housing Department. "In fact," he added, "we are carrying out similar actions in other Basque municipalities such as Sestao, Durango, San Sebastian, Eibar or Bilbao. We must not forget that 31% of the Basque population lives in vulnerable classified districts due to the habitability conditions of their buildings and the socioeconomic situation of their inhabitants, and it is our obligation to try to close the gap that separates them from those who live in other areas of their same town".

For this part, Mayor Gorka Urtaran has remarked SmartEnCity project as a reference "of the environmental and energy efficiency policies that have led Vitoria-Gasteiz to be a model of sustainable city in Europe. This is the path we want to follow with initiatives like this one, in which administrations at all levels and the citizens themselves work together, contributing to the fight against climate change and the improvement of the quality of life in our cities".