Book of Abstracts of Spanish nZEB Congress

SmartEnCity in Spanish nZEB Congress Book of Abstracts

16 Dec 2020

Last November, SmartEnCity Project was present in the “7th Spanish nZEB Congress”. The Congress’ book of abstracts is now published containing two papers related to SmartEnCity and Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Last November, SmartEnCity Project was present in the “7th Spanish nZEB Congress” with two papers that were included in the Congress’ book of abstracts now published (available here in Spanish).This book gathers all the communications from the Congress and there can be found papers related with energy efficiency actuations at building level as well as district level.

Congress’ book of abstracts (in Spanish) with two SmartEnCity papers.

In this regard, SmartEnCity partner Visesa has contributed with a paper (page 176) that introduces the “Thermal Bridges Catalogue”, which stands as a result of the project, summarizing the work done within the demo district to analyse the thermal bridges of the buildings to be retrofitted in order to achieve the best technical solutions to solve them or minimize their effect on the final performance, in terms of energy efficiency and consumption, of the retrofitted buildings.

Apart from this, SmartEnCity partner Giroa presented a paper (page 104) about Vitoria Gasteiz’s District Heating Network deployment progress including a summary of the work carried out so far and technical details from the future boiler room and pipe network, now under construction.