Handbook for "Smartovkas" residents quer

Lighthouse City Tartu: Residents of “Smartovkas” received smart house handbooks

19 Jan 2021

In the first weeks of January, all residents of the renovated apartment buildings in the Tartu SmartEnCity pilot area received the “Smart house resident’s handbook” offering instructions on how to use and maintain the new technologies and how to make the most out of their smart homes.

The handbooks were sent directly into the mailboxes of every apartment of each apartment building to ensure that every resident, tenant and apartment owner received one.

Since living in a smart house also means daily dealing with technology, smart meters and the smart home system, the handbook is a way of instructing residents on how to maintain and use these systems and help them find assistance if they encounter problems.

The smart house handbook provides an overview of the energy efficiency and the maintenance and functioning of the various system of the apartment buildings renovated in Tartu in the framework of SmartEnCity project. The brochure also offers useful tips for cutting costs and making environmentally friendly daily choices.

The handbook also includes the smart home system instruction manual, which offers residents guidance on how to use the smart home system for monitoring their energy consumption and adjusting the heating and ventilation in their apartments.

The Tartu project team hopes that these handbooks provide useful information to the residents and help them with recurring issues. The smart house handbook is also available online: http://tarktartu.ee/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Targa-maja-elaniku-kasiraamat.pdf

The new smart house handbook.