Tartu`s new Action Plan "Tartu Energy 2030) is under public discussion.

Tartu’s new Action Plan “Tartu Energy 2030” is nearing completion

03 Mar 2021

On 16 February, more than 30 people gathered together for a virtual meeting to hear the city government’s feedback to the public’s ideas and suggestions for the new Sustainable and Energy Climate Action Plan of Tartu, namely “Tartu Energy 2030”.

The new Action Plan was opened for public discussion last autumn and received nearly 400 various comments and suggestions from the citizens. By now, the city government has analysed the public input, phrased feedback for each and every comments and updated the Action Plan accordingly. 

Now the results with the updated version of the Action Plan was presented to the public. The meeting was hosted and moderated by Mr Raimond Tamm, the Deputy Mayor of Tartu and project manager of the local SmartEnCity project. After introducing the positions of the city government, a constructive and interesting discussion ensued. Among attendees were also representatives of various local organisations and communities.

The city government plans to submit the finalised Plan to the city council in March.