New SmartEnCity Network Bulletin March 21 released

23 Mar 2021

In this edition of the Network Bulletin, the main topic is energy efficiency. Learn about the developments in our Lighthouse Cities Sonderborg, Tartu and Vitoria-Gasteiz and have a glimpse at the EU-corner.

Lighthouse City Tartu has implemented numerous building murals following major retrofitting of apartment buildings from the Soviet era. In addition, they released a handbook for the residents living in the newly renovated buildings to help them understand how to make the best out of their new homes.

The SAB housing association of Lighthouse City Sonderborg implements battery storage solution along with solar panels and energy renovation of their buildings. Following these measures, the residents have adopted a new “Energy and Sustainability Strategy 2020”.

Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz deploys the connection of the buildings to the District Heating Network.

The EU corners showcase the interest in the building solutions of the SmartEnCity project

Find the full SmartEnCity Network Bulletin here.