More Green Ambassadors for the green transition of Lighthouse City Sonderborg. Picture@ProjectZero

More Green Ambassadors fostering the green transition in Sonderborg

05 Apr 2021

Following the Green Ambassadors model in Sonderborg, Residents from the housing associations GAB, NAB and Danbo participated in "Green Ambassador" training at EUC Syd. Knowledge, strengthened cooperation and motivation must inspire other residents to climate actions and participation.

This was the second course in the series of Green Ambassador training for Sonderborg’s housing associations. More than 20 residents and employees from the housing associations GAB, NAB and Danbo joined the Green Ambassador course at EUC Syd in Sonderborg. They will become Green Ambassadors for their housing association to promote the city´s ZEROcarbon transition. As partners in the EU project "Happi", all 6 housing associations are in the process of energy renovating their buildings in order to secure that Sonderborg achieve its ambitious climate goal for 2029. Three out of six housing associations (SAB, SOBO and B42) are partners in the SmartEnCity project too. Within the SmartEnCity project, these associations have retrofitted their buildings, installed PVs on rooftops and implemented batter storage solutions. This is also contributing to the overall CO2 neutrality goal of Sonderborg and the 2025-milestone goal defined in Sonderborg’s Roadmap2025.

Lots of great ideas for future ventures

After almost four hours of training, one goal was clearly on their list of ideas: They want to strengthen cooperation not only in their housing association, but also across the area's housing associations. For example, the participants discussed joint purchases of LED lamps. This saves money and at the same time reduces CO2 emissions, due to less driving, etc. The green ambassadors also want joint sparring via courses / events, such as. visits to incinerators or solar plants.

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