Smart Talk Event in Follower City Lecce.

Smart events in Follower City Lecce

03 May 2021

On 27 April, SmartEnCity was in the focus of the local event "The renewable energy in the future" and during a "Smart Talk" on 27 April, SmartEnCity representatives gave insights on project activities and results to students and other interested audience

The local event “The renewable energy in the future” took place on 11th of April 2021, with the Assessor of the Public Work office of Lecce City, Marco Nuzzaci, where he shared the experience of Lecce within the SEC project.

Please find the agenda of the event here.

Also, the Smart Talk was very well received with around 40 participants including students, academicals and technicians.

The event was organised within the course of Advanced Design, Architecture Department of University of Bologna. Such course includes annual open conferences on the topic “SMART TALK - Challenges, systems and technologies for future cities”. Here the link of the all planned events for this year: