Integrated and systemic SmartEnCity urban regeneration strategy_v2

Cities4ZERO: The Urban Transformation Strategy for Cities’ Decarbonisation. A journey towards the Smart Zero Carbon City

Cities4ZERO: The Urban Transformation Strategy for Cities’ Decarbonisation is a step-by-step strategy for a Smart Urban Decarbonisation transition, guiding cities through the process of developing the most appropriate strategies, plans and projects as well as looking for commitment of key local stakeholders for an effective transition; all from an integrated planning approach.

This strategy intends to align cities’ decarbonisation and smart city solutions implementation, through the Smart Zero Carbon City concept, which targets the main decarbonisation elements from a participatory and technology-supported perspective:

A Smart Zero Carbon City (SZCC) is a resource-efficient urban environment where carbon footprint is nearly eliminated; energy demand is kept to a minimum through the use of demand control technologies that save energy and promote raised awareness; energy supply is entirely renewable and clean; and resources are intelligently managed by aware and efficient citizens, as well as both public and private stakeholders”                               SmartEnCity consortium

From this concept, the important question is how to deploy the SZCC and how to effectively implement this concept in our cities. To answer this question, SmartEnCity project examines planning, implementation, monitoring and replication works to identify the key factors playing towards smart urban decarbonisation (SZCC concept), reviewing an ongoing process of five years of coordinated initiatives in the cities of Vitoria-Gasteiz (ES), Tartu (EE), Sonderborg (DK), Lecce (IT) and Asenovgrad (BG).

This commissioning process, altogether with complementary best practices in urban transformation processes, has been the main input to produce Cities4ZERO; a methodology produced to successfully guide cities in their ambitious urban transformation process. What is Cities4ZERO offering to cities? How can this step-by-step strategy help municipalities in their way towards decarbonisation?  This strategy divides the process into clear steps and provides instructions for successful implementation.

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Contact: Koldo Urrutia Azcona /TECNALIA, Research & Innovation /