Report on foresight workshops – IEP Planning Process

In the project, foresight is seen as a methodology that supports cities’ strategic planning processes – in the context of SmartEnCity, using these methods will potentially lead to the preparation of integrated energy plans (IEPs) as well as replication roadmaps. However, the introduced methodology is beneficial in almost any kind of strategic planning and decision-making process.

Our foresight methods make a significant contribution to the integrated planning process by bringing together relevant stakeholders, gathering future intelligence and building common vision for making present-day decisions and mobilizing joint actions.

The aim of this report is to give an overview of how the foresight approach developed for this project was used in the five partner cities.

The reader gets a detailed overview of the:

  • Useful participative methodology for long term strategic planning
  • How to create scenarios, examples of SWOTs and scenarios in different cities in Europe tackling with the similar grand challenges
  • Detailed process specifics for organizing a scenario development workshop(s) 
  •  Ideas for further replication of the process and toolbox

Read full document here.

Contact: Merit Tatar, Institut of Bastic Studies,