Vitoria Gasteiz’s SmartEnCity District Heating service Kick off

12 Jul 2021

By the end of June a new major milestone was reached in Vitoria Gasteiz with the kick off of the new District Heating service deployed in Coronación by SmartEnCity partners.

While the final phase of network deployment is being achieved, first buildings are already getting domestic hot water and heating supply from the brand-new boiler room raised by Giroa Veolia in the heart of the neighbourhood, besides Aldabe Civic Centre.

During the last weeks of June, first individual boilers from participant dwellings were substituted by the new heat interchangers. This actuation has been carried out in the already-finished sections of the network, while the last stretches are still under completion works in the adjacent streets.

At the same time, retrofitting works on last buildings keep on advancing and some new façades have been disclosed. In this case, two different technical solutions can be observed: ETICs and ventilated façade.