New SmartEnCity Network Bulletin no 28 - September released

13 Sep 2021

Read about the SmartEnCity Final Publication which showcases smart and innovative solutions of our Lighthouse Cities including success stories as well as challenges and hurdles to benefit from the experiences and to foster replication. Register to the Sonderborg Climate Neutrality Conference end of September to get even more insights on SmartEnCity results and to start your own zero carbon emission journey!

This edition of the Network Bulletin features the SmartEnCity Final Publication (Booklet) which showcases the smart and innovative solutions of the project’s Lighthouse Cities. The included “worst practice” section focuses on challenges and mistakes that the Lighthouse Cities encountered – interesting reading, potentially avoiding other cities to repeat same mistakes in the future. The Booklet is available for download now!

The Danish SmartEnCity Network – Energibyerne’s collaborative accomplishments and experiences were researched in a recent study.

Read about Lighthouse City Tartu’s “Smartovkas” which are the most energy-efficiently renovated apartment buildings in Estonia! Furthermore, Tartu’s SECAP is now approved by the city council.

Lighthouse City Sonderborg has halved its carbon emissions since 2007 – read more and download the Monitoring Report 2020! Sonderborg is also progressing with its digital transition and building on their Roadmap2025 to activate their Masterplan2029 process which works towards a CO2 neutral energy system by 2029. Finally, do not forget to register to the 2-day international, online Sonderborg Climate Neutrality Conference and get insights on triple helix topics regarding climate neutrality.

Find Bulletin here.