Follower City Lecce was sharing its best practices on 1st Urban Stakholders Workshop

28 Oct 2021

Sapienza University of Rome was inviting Smart Cities Stakeholders to Rome from 6 to 7 October 2021. In this framework, the workshop “Sharing best practices and facilitating the science-policy dialogue” took place, where Follower City Lecce was presenting its experiences within SmartEnCity Project.

Cities with diverse cultures, forms, structure, and histories are already implementing planning, design,and management approaches to optimize the contribution that positive energy districts (PED) can provide in terms of energy transition, economic development, environmental protection, improved social cohesion, and increased public involvement. In this framework, the aim of this 1st COST PEDEU-NET Urban Stakeholders Workshop was to share experiences and opportunities of cooperation,progressing our disciplines and facilitating the science-policy dialogue.

During a panel on 7 October, Mr Giovanni Puce presented SmartEnCity project and the experience of Lecce Municipality in developing the IEP and Roadmaps with the help of the Cities4Zero Strategy, developed within SmartEnCity project.

Participants gained insights on the following topics:

      • Overview of Lecce Municipality
      • Main gaps for PEDs creation
      • Ongoing practices
      • Lecce energy transition process
      • Focus on SmartEnCity Integrated Energy Plan (IEP)
      • SmartEnCity Roadmaps
      • Creation of an energy community towards the PED
      • Energy community implementation plan
      • Conclusions
      • Where Lecce is