Smart Home System of Tartu. Credits@Institute of Baltic Studies

Housing association leaders met to discuss smart homes

02 Dec 2021

On 26 October, the housing association representatives of the Tartu pilot area met for a hybrid event to discuss the smart home system. In the meeting, a little over half of the pilot area buildings were represented.

As the smart home system is nearing completion, the final works needed to be discussed with the housing associations. The main topics of the meeting concerned:

·       the status of the smart home system and planned updates

·       visits to radio connected buildings to check the connections and change the batteries of the devices

·       the development of the videophone system – status, updates, timeline

 As the smart home system comprises not only the software and application side but hardware as well (various sensors and detectors, wall-mounted tablet), it was important to discuss the warranties of devices and their maintenance and upkeep after the end of SmartEnCity project.

A follow-up meeting on the same topics will take place in February 2022.