Sonderborg Climate Neutrality Conference

Sonderborg Climate Neutrality Conference - Conference Archive

01 Dec 2021

The Sonderborg Climate Neutrality Conference end of September was an important international online event, giving a good overview on the state of the art dicussions on city transition, on Integrated Energy Plans and smart solutions. Missed it? No problem. Find all sessions in the event archive.

The Conference was offering two days packed with information on how to archieve climate neutrality.

Find agenda here.

Welcome to Sonderborg

Day 1 - Tuesday, 28th September 2021 

Welcome Addresses

00.06.12  Erik Lauritzen, Mayor of Sonderborg Municipality

00.11.30   Stephanie Lose, President of the Danish Regions and President of the Region of Southern Denmark

00.18.10   Sebastian Mernild, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Southern Denmark

00.25.59  Jørgen Mads Clausen, Chairman of global group Danfoss A/S

Moderation: Horst-Günter Rubahn, Head of Mads Clausen Institute, SDU

Plenary Talks

Intro to plenary talks

00.01.54   Seth Schultz, The Resilience Shift, You Don’t have to be Great to Start, but you have to Start to be Great. How individual action combined with radical collaboration can transform our world

00.27.10   Ralf Fröchtenicht, BMW, Sustainability in the Supply Chain

00.56.54  Christian Peter Ibsen, Concito, Mobilizing cities and national government for Climate Action

01.18.22    Michael Goodsite, Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources (IMER) – Modern Energy Systems, The sustainable copper & material paradox

01.50.07   Sebastian Mernild, University of Southern Denmark, The IPCC process and our assessment  

Plenary discussion

Moderation: Jane Thoning Callesen, SDU, TEK Communication

TRACK A: Photovoltaics of the next decade

00.02.00  Aldo Di Carlo, Director CNR-ISM, Institute of Structure of Matter (ISM), The National Research Council (CNR), Transparent Photovoltaic for Building Integration

00.32.46  Mathilde Berger, ARMOR solar power films GmbH, Organic Photovoltaics – Customized Integrative Films to Energize Any Kind of Surface

Chair: Morten Madsen, SDU, NanoSYD

Smart green materials

01.02.52  Ajeet Kaushik, Florida Polytechnique University, Green Smart Materials

01.35.50  Hoe Joon Kim, DGIST, Southern Korea, Making waste energy useful: green materials based nanogenerators

Chair: Yogendra K. Mishra, SDU, NanoSYD

Innovative solutions for energy efficiency and storage

02.12.45  Rasmus Banke, Banke Aps, Opportunities and challenges for electric trucks

02.35.38  Daniela Werlich, CUSTOMCELLS, Future trends and challenges in the development of application specific lithium-ion cells

03.11.24  Theiss Stenstrøm, Better Energy A/S, Renewable Energy Conversion with full Sector Coupling

Chair: Thomas Ebel, SDU, CIE

TRACK B: Smart energy cities as frontrunners: Planning and Execution of Integrated Energy Plans from the SmartEnCity project

00.07.33   Cities4ZERO methodology - Koldo Urrutia Azcona, Tecnalia, Spain

00.22.15    Sonderborg’s Roadmap2025 - Peter Rathje, ProjectZero, Denmark

00.37.30   Tartu Energy 2030 - Raimond Tamm, Tartu municipality, Estonia

00.53.15    Vitoria-Gasteiz’s Action Plan for an Integrated Energy Transition 2030 (APIET 2030) - Beatriz García-Monco Piñeiro, Spain

01.06.58    Asenovgrad’s Integrated Energy and Climate Plan - Ivanka Pandelieva-Dimova, Sofia Energy Center, Bulgaria

01.24.00    Integrated Energy Plan of Lecce Municipality - Michele DeSantis, Rina, Italy

01.36.50    Panel with Sonderborg, Tartu, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Asenovgrad and Lecce

Moderation: Dilay Kesten Erhart, Steinbeis, Germany

TRACK B: City Networks driving the Energy and Climate transition

00.00.00 – 00.10.30  Intro presentation

Panel questions:

00.11.57   What barriers/challenges did you face when establoishing the national network? What did you find easy in the establishment stage?

00.29.20  Challenges / barriers when operating a city network?

00.38.40  What is the benefit of such cooperation?

00.54.25   Is financial support when establishing / operating the network important? Why? Why not?

00.59.45   Advice on how to start a city network? Recipe ingredients for a successful national network cooperation?

Moderation: Kristina Bozhkova, ProjectZero, Denmark

Day 2 - Wednesday, 29th September 2021

TRACK A: Ocean-based CO2 removal 

00.00.05  Ulf Riebesell, Geomar, Kiel, Ocean-based CO2 removal approaches

00.43.00  Carolin Löscher, SDU, Nordcee, Using the potential of Danish waters to mitigate climate change 

Moderation: Marianne Holmer, Faculty of Science, SDU

TRACK B: Supporting the climate initiatives by improving green innovation

00.03.24   Kjeld Stærk, ProjectZero Business, The cost effective way to carbon neutrality in 2029

00.08.22   Christopher Donald Sorensen, Green Lab Skive, Green & circular energy park–Technology enabler–National research facility

00.30.50   Jaime Rioja, Hobeen, Spain

00.36.50   Marek Alliksoo, SKYCORP, Estonia, How drones can help cities take advantage of their airspace for climate transition?

00.48.20   Panel discussion

Moderation: Sissel Hansen, Impact the future, Denmark

Smart green transport solution

00.10.30  Niels Gorm Maly Rytter, SDU ITI, Digitalization as an Enabler of Sustainable Shipping

00.38.33  Jaanus Tamm, Tartu municipality, Carbon free public transport  

01.03.48  Juan Carlos Escudero, Environmental Studies Centre-CEA, Spain, Mobility policy in Vitoria-Gasteiz 

Moderator: Henrik Gudmundsson, CONCITO

Panel debate (connecting researchers, companies and society)

Panel debate speakers:

  • Georg Houben, European Commission
  • Merit Tatar, Institute of Baltic Studies, Estonia
  • Michael Goodsite, Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources (IMER) – Modern Energy Systems
  • Sebastian Mernild, University of Southern Denmark
  • Giovanni Puce & Serena Pagliula, Lecce municipality 

Moderation: Seth Schultz, The Resillience Shift

01.20.22 Conclusion and outlook 2022 (Peter Rathje, ProjectZero & Horst-Günter Rubahn, SDU)

Seeing is believing virtual tour

00.05.32   Sonderborg intro video

00.08.35   Sonderborg's housing association retrofitting with rooftop PVs and battery storage, Denmark

00.26.10    Building Retrofitting in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

00.44.50   Integrated Energy Planning and associated initiatives in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria

00.57.45    Energy Efficient Smartovkas buildings and smart home solution, Tartu, Estonia

01.19.45    Integrated Energy Planning and associated initiatives in Lecce, Italy

01.43.02   Biogas busses fueled locally, Sonderborg, Denmark

02.03.04   Smart Electric Buses in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

02.20.00   Electric Bike sharing system in Tartu, Estonia

02.40.45   Final discussion

Moderation: Koldo Urrutia Azcona, Tecnalia, Spain

Commentators: Sissel Hansen, Impact the future, Denmark and Per Alex Sorensen, PlanEnergi, Denmark