David Grisaleña, Ianire Anaya and Ana Oregi presentation. Credits: AVG (Vitoria Gasteiz Municipality)

Update for Coronacion Neighbourhood to inform about final phase of SmartEnCity

24 Feb 2022

Beginning of February, a meeting was held for the residents of the demo district Coronacion in Aldabe civic centre, where David Grisaleña (technical responsible of SmartEnCity project in Vitoria-Gasteiz), Ianire Anaya (Member of the Direction of Giroa Veolia) and Ana Oregi (City Councillor of Territorial Politics and Sustainable Environment) took part as speakers and updated the attendees with the latest news from the final phase of SmartEnCity project’s deployment in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

The meeting started with David summarising the results of the retrofitting works carried out during 2021 in the participating communities, focusing on the one hand on the great aesthetic result and on the other on the improvement of the functionality. Besides this, Visesa’s technician introduced a new accompanying process focusing on the residents of the newly retrofitted dwellings as well.

A series of meetings and activities will be launched during the next weeks, aiming to increase energy efficiency awareness among the participants and to underline the importance of a proper use of the new technologies to make the most of the new features, to save anergy and to prevent possible future collapses. In the same vein, this process will highlight the benefits that the realisation of the project has brought to the demo district in terms of energy efficiency an improvement of comfort conditions.

On the other hand, Raimundo Ruiz de Escudero (City Councillor of the Public Space) announced a public bidding process for the upcoming works in connection with the pedestrianisation of Aldabe street and Ciudadela and Aldabe squares during this year, which was a long-desired actuation and a formal commitment of the Municipality to be achieved before the end of the project this summer.

The following day, the same speakers plus Juan Carlos Escudero from CEA’s side, took part in two local radio programmes, to spread the word again on the same terms. Additionally, the opportunity was taken on both days - the meeting and the radio shows - to promote the celebration of the SmartEnCity Final Conference on 14 and 15 June, 2022 on site in Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz.