SmartEnCity Toolkit for Replication.

SmartEnKIT - Toolkit for Replication is online

04 Apr 2022

It is the result of almost seven years of joint efforts and it comprises the outcomes of SmartEnCity project in an interactive and joyful way. Explore our SmartEnKIT and start your zero emission journey.

SmartEnKIT is the official replication toolkit of the SmartEnCity project. It collects all main project learnings, methods and outcomes to share insights and inspire other small and medium-sized European cities with a zero-carbon vision along their journeys. It's interactive and easy to understand. 

Either you are already an expert or you you are just interested in the smart cities topics, the SmartEnKIT offers various opportunities to approach. We’re not imposing any strict rules for navigating the SmartEnKIT, this is your experience.

Feel free to expolore the map and browse through the elements or follow the two main tracks and decide what you would like to do first – (1) to explore and learn more about what SmartEnCity has been up to, hopefully getting some inspiration; or (2) to get into action right away and start using some of the tools that could help to make the Smart Zero Carbon City vision a reality in your city. 

It might be a good way to start with the SmartEnKIT tutorial to get an overview on the wealth of results, tools and solutions developed within SmartEnCity project. Depending on your mood and interest, you can seek more general information or dig deeper into the topics and details. 

So how do you start or boost the process of transitioning to a Smart Zero Carbon City? We believe the key is in learning and taking action. You can both learn something from the SmartEnCity experience as well as put it into action. When it comes to actual planning processes, we acknowledge that depending on the current status of each city, the point of departure can vary as some methodological steps might already be fulfilled. That’s the advantage of Cities4ZERO – once you know how to position yourself in the framework, support and advice is offered to take that next step. The tools and methodologies that the SmartEnKIT presents are widely applicable, but they can also serve specific purposes, supporting policy-makers and other relevant stakeholders in developing Integrated Energy Plans (IEPs) or Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs) for their cities. 

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