Tartu: Smart Street Lighting Network

Tartu’s street lighting will soon become intelligent

07 Jul 2017

Tartu will soon have intelligent LED street lighting – installed within the framework of SmartEnCity. After the instalment of the energy efficient street lighting in the city centre, management controllers as well as traffic and environmental sensors will be integrated.

The Tartu City Government recognised a tender submitted by Leonhard Weiss Energy AS, with a cost of EUR 112,452, as being successful in the public procurement for the renewal of street lighting in the city centre of Tartu. The public procurement involves replacing the existing 320 sodium lights within the city centre area of Tartu with energy efficient LED lighting.

Energy efficient street lighting will be installed along Pepleri, Pargi, Kuperjanovi, Õpetaja, Tiigi, Vanemuise, Aida, Lao, Kalevi, Tähe, W. Struve, Akadeemia, Kitsas, Soola, Lille, Vallikraavi, Filosoofi, Lootuse, Kastani, Veski, Kooli, A. Haava, and Näituse Street.

Cityntel OÜ, partner in the SmartEnCity consortium, will install management controllers inside of all lighting fixtures, which will allow for the remote organisation of the operation of the lighting (switching on-off, dimming) and to control the performance of the lighting fixtures. In addition to the installation of lighting fixtures, a variety of traffic and environmental sensors will be installed (traffic density, motion, weather, etc.), which will be integrated with the control of lighting fixtures. In doing so, an intelligent street lighting network will be achieved.

The works are being financed in part from the city budget (EUR 70,000), with the remainder coming from European Commission support.

(Picture: Ahto Sooaru)