SmartEnCity project has inspired several scientific researches in Estonia

10 Jul 2017

The SmartEnCity project activities in Tartu have inspired the conduction of several academic researches from two higher education institutions in Estonia – the Tallinn Technological University and the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

The master’s thesis about the “Application of the BIM technology in the SmartEnCity project: the example of Tiigi 8 apartment building reconstruction (“BIM tehnoloogia rakendmine SmartEnCity projekti raames Tiigi 8 korterelamu rekonstrueerimisel”)” analyses and presents one of the SmartEnCity pilot area house renovation projects through the BIM methodology and is of methodological as well as practical value.

Another master’s thesis “Knowledge based engineering: nearly zero-energy apartment buildings in Tartu” analyses possible existing conditions and requirements for financing the apartment buildings reconstruction projects by the foundation KredEx grant and the international SmartEnCity project. It gives recommendations on how to choose the optimal solutions before designing the construction where the costs of facade finishing materials and ventilation systems have been calculated. Within the thesis a lot of attention has been paid to the correct formalising of the building project and the preconditions of grant applications from SmartEnCity and KredEx. The thesis can be used as a condensed guide on applying for a KredEx grant in Estonia and on ensuring a desirable building quality within the SmartEnCity cooperation project.

In addition, SmartEnCity local experts are cooperating with the scientists from the Estonian University of Life Sciences who are conducting several empirical CO2 measurement tests in the pilot area buildings throughout the SmartEnCity project and will present the analysed result in future scientific works.