Tartu, Photographer: Kerly Ilves

Tartu involves the city residents in mapping public bicycle sharing system locations

14 Jul 2017

The Tartu City Government is looking for input concerning possible locations for rental stations in the public bicycle sharing system, so that city residents would also put rented bicycle to use in their everyday activities.

Recommended locations can be added to the web map and there is a questionnaire that can also be completed, which will be of help when it comes to planning the public bicycle sharing system and taking into consideration the needs of city residents.

The City Government will be accepting proposals for locations until the end of August.

"We have been planning on establishing a public bicycle sharing system in Tartu for a long period of time, but things have only recently begun to move forward since specific sources of financing are finally in place. Seeing that we would like city residents to replace their current modes of transport, especially automobile trips, with rental bicycle, then it must be well-thought-out and convenient for the user. The selection of locations is of key importance, and it is here that we await the participation of city residents", said Urmas Klaas, Mayor of Tartu.

Over the next two years, the City of Tartu is planning on constructing a public bicycle sharing system in Tartu, which will be comprised of 600-800 rental bicycles and 60-80 rental stations located across the city. The goal is to shape the public bicycle sharing system into a part of the public transportation system and to integrate them into a complementary whole. The opinions of residents and mobile positioning data used for route network analysis will be used in planning locations for the public bicycle sharing system. Developing a public bicycle sharing system is also contributing to the holistic approach in an international project SmartEnCity where the City of Tartu is developing an energy efficient city district operating based on smart solutions in the city centre. Among other solutions several mobility actions have been envisaged in the project together with planning the city wide public bicycle sharing system in Tartu. The SmartEnCity project is being funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Additional information: 

www.tartu.ee/rattaringlus (in Estonian)