Sonderborg: new biogas buses

Sonderborg put 44 new biogas buses into operation

06 Jul 2017

With 44 new biogas buses, Sonderborg became a frontrunner of smart public transport. The new buses can carry bikes, charge mobile phones and offer free web access.

The new buses were introduced on Saturday, June  24th, with a reception at the new large bus stop in Ragebol, the place where the buses are also filled overnight. Sonderborg’s mayor Erik Lauritzen is pleased about the decision that the city council has chosen biogas as fuel for the 44 new buses, which are now operating in the Sonderborg municipality.  Not only do the buses run on certified biogas, but will soon even run on biogas produced locally, and thereby solution becomes completely sustainable, creates green jobs and reduces carbon emissions from the municipal public bus service to zero. 

Lars Andreasen, NGF Nature Energy, praised Sonderborg as a good example, which can inspire other municipalities and other transport actors to convert fuels to biogas produced at the company's own facilities around Denmark. The filling plant in Ragebol is by far the largest plant in Denmark, but other municipalities are expected to follow soon. Also, before the end of 2017 a gas fueling station next to the bus fueling station will be open to all other vehicles running on gas, thereby opening up for an even wider adoptation of zero emission vehicles in the area.

Video on the introduction of the new biobuses in Lighthouse City Sonderborg