SAB retrofitting in Sonderborg

Another package of retrofitting measures completed in Sonderborg

17 Jan 2018

SAB has finalised the renovation of its social-housing in Sonderborg. Now the second of three housing associations in Sonderborg has completed the retrofitting works as part of the SmartEnCity project.

The SAB housing association focused mainly on roof integrated solar panels. A total of approximately 3000 m2 of solar panels have been installed, split among the 19 apartment buildings. These 3000m2 solar panels are able to produce approximately 408000 kWh which equals 37% of the total electricity consumption.

The solar panels are expected to produce electricity for the coming 25-30 years. In addition to solar panels, the retrofitting also included installing LED lighting in all common and outdoor areas.

Sonderborg has produced a video in Danish language explaining the retrofitting works, which you can watch here.