Potential district-heating area in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Vitoria-Gasteiz lighthouse project status at end of 2017

03 Jan 2018

The City Council of Vitoria – Gasteiz, VISESA, EVE and GIROA presented on December 5th an update of SmartEnCity project citizens’ adhesions data for the refurbishment of Coronación district.

With the deadline of November the 30th, the balance of adhesions to the project was as follows:

  • 15 communities of homeowners joined to the project
  • Agreements of heat supply equivalent to 512 homes: 356 of them correspond to commercial or social places (Coronación church, Spa, Aldabe Civic Center, etc.) and the rest, 156, correspond to abovementioned joined dwellings. The minimum figure of 750 equivalent dwellings sets the boundary to District Heating Network feasibility, so nowadays the 70% of the target has been reached.

After this first call status analysis, a second call for home owners´ adhesions until May 31st, 2018 was announced.  "We remain committed to this ambitious project because we really believe it is good for citizens," the City Council of Vitoria said. This decision was based on the request of the Neighbour’s Association “Errota Zaharra” and the visitors to the project information office.

In a second call, the buildings of the perimeter surrounding streets will also be included with the aim of reaching the objective of 750 homes´ adhesions to the project. A modification of the layout of the District Heating Network will make this project accessible to more neighbours; thus, the 108 communities and 1305 neighbours established in the initial project, the action is extended now to another 608 dwellings (39 communities), reaching a total of 1,913 dwellings and 147 communities.

Regarding citizen engagement, throughout the last months, significant information and awareness-raising actions around the Coronation project have taken place:

  • From September 2017, more than 67 meetings have been held with the communities of owners
  • Since the installation of the information point on Kutxa Street on July 31st, 401 information requests have been attended
  • The "door to door" campaign has contacted 879 dwellings.

Finally, regarding the implementation, the first refurbishment works license has been requested to start with the building of  the street Eulogio Serdán 4 and 8, the first community to join the project as “initial action” (so called "early adopters"). The works will begin in March 2018.