New environment-friendly bus service in Tartu. Contract signed with AS GoBus

31 Jan 2018

On 24 January, the City of Tartu concluded a contract with AS GoBus, winner of the bus procurement.

‘This is a landmark event in the history of public transport in Tartu, since the era of diesel buses is coming to an end. The new regular service contract is also one of the largest contracts ever concluded by the City of Tartu – the total value of the ten year contract is EUR 66 million. The contract will ensure convenient and environmentally friendly public transport for residents of Tartu from 2019-2029, said Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm. 

The Tartu City Government announced the public procurement for public regular bus service for the City of Tartu at the end of 2016. At the centre of the terms and conditions for the procurement were questions related to the quality of service, ride comfort and preserving the environment, in accordance with which all of the 64 buses operating on city lines must be new and be fuelled by methane gas. The buses must have low floors and be wheelchair and baby buggy accessible.

The results of the bus procurement were announced in June 2017. The winner proved to be AS GoBus, which submitted the lowest tender, offering an estimated cost of EUR 6.6 million as the annual price for regular service. 

Due to a court action, the city was unable to immediately conclude a contract with the winner. The final judgements by the Supreme Court at the beginning of January gave the city that right. 

The contract with the current transporter, AS Sebe, will end on 30 June 2019. 

One of the activities of the SmartEnCity project is associated with the implementation of energy efficient and innovative solutions in the field of transportation, which also includes the adoption of environmentally friendly gas buses in city public transportation.