ELMO Rent - Picture by Ove Maidla

Electric Vehicle Rental Point Opened Near the Tartu Bus Station

06 Apr 2018

On 21 March, ELMO Rent and the city of Tartu opened a new electric car rental point next to the Tartu bus station. The goal of the rental point is to further improve access by local residents and visitors to the city to the sharing service for environmentally friendly electric vehicles.

With the opening of the new rental point, ELMO Rent has the city’s main transport routes covered. In addition to the Tartu bus station, there is a rental point at the railway wtation and residents of Annelinn are served by the rental point located inside the Eeden Shopping Centre. 

In order to increase the availability of environmentally friendly transport, follow-up activities foresee the expansion of rental and charging points in the city centre through cooperation between the city and ELMO Rent. 

Within the framework of the project SmartEnCity, the city government is planning on installing five electric car rapid charging points in the area of the city centre. One of the locations will be the car park located between the bus station and Hotel Tartu. The rental point that is located there will also include standard chargers installed by ELMO Rent for charging rental cars.

 ‘Over a period of a couple of years, the city of Tartu has been gauging private sector interest for offering a rental based sharing service for electric cars located in the vicinity of apartment buildings, so that residents would have a credible alternative to acquiring their own personal vehicles,’ said Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm.

 In addition to the vehicle sharing service, the city of Tartu is contributing to increasing the availability of other environmentally friendly transport services. A procurement is currently underway for the Tartu bicycle sharing system, which will result in the creation of a convenient opportunity for the residents of Tartu to use electric and standard bicycles to facilitate their everyday movement. 

Further information: Raimond Tamm, Deputy Mayor of Tartu, Tel: 515-4738, raimond.tamm@raad.tartu.ee